Destiny of the Sith

Arc II The Mandalorian Gambit

The strike force Scourge is summoned to Darth Vargyr’s flagship, the Persuader. There, Vargyr reveals that fleet plans were stolen by Republic agents, yet evidence showed the ship was damaged upon making the jump to hyperspace. Vargyr theorizes that the Scourge’s ship, the Teyr can intercept the crippled freighter, board it, retrieve the stolen plans and find out how the Republic spies infiltrated past protocols. He gives them an encrypted data pad uplink to keep Darth Myseri abreast of the situation.

Arc I Invasion of the Sith

The Sith Emperor, kept alive for 1,400 years through Dark Arts, has, with his Dark Council, planned the Dominion of the Galaxy.

Tasking Darth Vargyr, the appointed Sith Executor with assembling a strike force and unleashing the opening acts of vengeance to an unsuspecting Republic, the Emperor and his Council have fired the first salvos of war.

The Strikeforce infiltrated a Republic listening post and relay station known as R-23 Alpha (Lone Ear) in the Kathol Sector. Impacting on the planetoid’s surface, concealed in modified asteroids, the Strikeforce hijacked a skiff and entered the Lone Ear, unaware of an inspection taking place to test security of the Post. With the clock ticking for the arrival of the Sith Fleet, they had to move fast. Quickly annihilating most of the crew and deactivating the Relay, they found they had missed two of the personnel, Lt. Yavok and a Bith slicer. Once the Relay started powering up on it’s own and through the slicing of the Strikeforce member designated Boomer, they learned they didn’t disable the relay, it was part of the Security test. The teasing comlink broadcasts from Lt. Yavok and the inability to track the slicer forced to Strikeforce to move quickly. After setting up an explosive trap and a final, yet distracting showdown in the hangar bay, Lt. Yavok was ran through by the Dark Wookie and his orange lightsaber. Singhal, Darth Malev’s promising apprentice, took control of the Bith slicer and through the interrogation learned of the fastly approaching Republic frigate, the Teyr. The Strikeforce quickly moved into the shuttle and launched themselves to the frigate.

Once on board the Teyr, they overcame the low security on the hangar bay and fought their way to the bridge. On their way, they encountered an unnamed female Jedi Shadow that bought the ship’s small and badly hurt Security detail some time with a well placed lightsaber throw. Still, the Strikeforce pressed on, encountering and killing the Captain. Slicing through the ship’s systems, they sealed the bridge off and commenced to shut down the life support systems everywhere else. Reaching out through the Force, Singhal discovered the presence of the Jedi and her two remaining security detail. Slowly choking the security forces, the Strikeforce ordered her immediate surrender. She refused, demanding the Sith confront her where she stood. The Sith refused, yet the Jedi stood her ground. As the life was slowly crushed out of her security detail, she could barely hold back tears. The Sith entered the engineering room and moved to slaughter the Jedi, who outstretched her arms and through tears said, ‘Sacrifices echo.’ She was swiftly returned to the Force. Minutes later, the Sith Fleet arrived and the Strikeforce was brought to Darth Vargyr and, surprisingly, Darth Malev. Malev was given the Jedi’s lightsaber by his apprentice and he cackled as he smiled darkly, ‘Everything is proceeding as we have foreseen.’

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